A  Journey Around the Block
Photographing your Local Environment


Looking to indulge in the creative process of photography?

Learn to “see” and capture beauty in the ordinary. You’ll be amazed to discover that there are photographic opportunities just beyond your doorstep.

After an introductory session, students will be asked to photograph what they see while taking a walk around their block in between weekly sessions. Students will bring photos into class on a flash drive to participate in a group sharing and photo critique. Areas of review will include editing, cropping, composition, content, and contrast.
Recommended for age 13 and up.

Materials: cell phone and a link to an instagram account

-Creating awareness and training your eye to “see” photo opportunities
-Learning to capture beauty in the mundane
-Learning how to create an engaging photograph through cropping & composition, color vs. black & white, lighting (contrast, highlights, shadows, textures).

Beyond the Selfie
Create Photo Art Using Instagram

We are used to taking quantities of photographs. This workshop will teach you to create quality photographs. Using an iPhone and Instagram, you will learn  to create compelling images based on content and composition.
Recommended for age 13 and up.


Previous Client: STAC workshop, Herricks High School