Work in Progress: "Castaways"

Part One: Armor for the Soul

I have been collecting discarded metal objects on daily walks for over a year. Many a day, you will find me in the gutter or dodging traffic to add to my collection. Items that most would overlook — "castaways"— are my treasures. To me, they are beautiful. In order to help others see this beauty, I have paired the castaways with white cotton that is knitted, woven, or crocheted.

For part one of this project, I am creating body armor based on designs worn by WWI soldiers, Shogun Warriors, and indigenous tribesmen (with a splash of Fashion Avenue thrown in for good measure). The armor shields the body, or in this instance, the sensitive soul, from the metaphorical bombs and bullets shot at us on a daily basis. You never know when shrapnel from anxiety, depression, or politics might hit you in the heart, or the gut.